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Check and understand word meaning while reading online. Every check you make lands in your pocket as a flashcard. From time to time checknlearn app will remind you to practice these words.

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Absolutely necessary
Rich vocabulary is
  1. adjectiveAbsolutely necessary
for speaking ...
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Understand the meaning of the word without even opening the dictionary. Don’t lose the context of the sentence. Don’t switch between tabs in your browser, or even worse... don’t reach for a paper version of a dictionary.

The word lands in your pocket!

Two pieces synchronized: Chrome Extension and Mobile app


Instant answer
In your pocket
Automatically in
your pocket
Reminders to practice
new words
Productivity boost
Productivity boost
No more interruptions
when reading an article.
Long term
Short and long term effects
You’ll remember new words in a short term.
And we’ll take care about the long term.

How it works?
and why it works?

Every time you read something online and encounter a new word you probably check it in the dictionary. Which takes time and detach you from the article you are reading.

The worst thing is that no one remember or want to create a flashcard and practice it later. So we tend to forget words that we knew the meaning of a week or two ago.

With checknlearn web extension you will check the meaning in a second and the application will make sure that you practice the new word regularly. Until we all agree you got it!

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